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Valley to Peak Endurance offers several personal coaching options to fit a variety of needs and budgets. All services aside from consultations utilize TrainingPeaks; the most advanced training software available online. If you are not sure which option is best for you, or if you are looking for something different, please contact us for additional support.

Peak Coaching - $175/month

The complete and unlimited coaching option. Peak coaching is your best option if you desire unlimited communication and frequent accountability, have struggled with injury currently or in the past, lead a busy lifestyle and need to allow for frequent scheduling adjustments, desire to learn about fueling, technique and form, heart rate and/or perceived exertion training, race strategies, etc., and/or if you are seeking the highest results possible. 


Peak coaching includes:

  • Initial set up to thoroughly understand your individual needs, desires and goals: First you fill out a new athlete questionnaire, then we'll schedule an initial consultation. After that I set you up with your first week and create a strength routine specifically for YOU, followed by more frequent communication in the first few weeks to ensure everything is just the way it needs to be moving forward.

  • Schedule created week-by-week based on previous weeks’ accomplishments, current fitness, weather and specific needs for the week.

  • Unlimited communication via email, text or phone

  • Unlimited plan adjustments so your training is constantly in sync with your life

  • Initial + periodic field tests to determine specific HR zones and to check progress (if training with HR)

  • Analysis of key work outs (tests, speed work, long runs) using TrainingPeaks advanced software

  • Frequent (most days) post-work out feedback on TP so that you know your coach is seeing and understanding the work that you are putting in.

  • Utilization of both heart rate and RPE (Rated Perceived Exertion) for training zones

  • Additional tools and tips provided as necessary including help with injury prevention, form and technique, recovery, mobility, event calendar planning, work out and race nutrition, race strategy, and more.

  • 50% off in-person consultations/coached runs 

4 week Custom Plan - $90

Custom plans are just that- completely customized training plans for your specific needs, desires and goals. Custom plans can benefit you if desire a pesonalized training plan and access to a coach, yet you are self-driven, do not typically struggle with injury and do not desire a lot of extra support such as form/technique help, fueling recommendations, etc.

Custom plans include:

  • Initial setup = new athlete questionnaire followed by phone consultation to ensure the plan will be tailored to YOU.

  • Complete plan sent to you within one week of initial consultation.

  • One email check-in initiated by coach

  • Availability for email/text initiated by athlete any time

  • 10% discount on additional consultations or coached runs

Consultation or coached run - $50/hour

Consultations can be done over the phone or in-person. A consultation gives you one hour of one-on-one time with coach to discuss specific topics such as goal setting, event calendar planning, heart rate-based training, periodization, injury prevention tools, mobility and recovery, race nutrition, etc.. Consultations include an emailed document summarizing discussions.

Coached runs are typically designed to practice form and running technique, but can be used to discuss any of the above topics as well.

Consultations or coached runs can be added on to Peak Coaching or a Custom Plan, if you desire additional support that is not included in your current plan. A 10% discount will be applied for athletes currently following a custom plan, and a 50% discount will be applied for Peak coached athletes.

($25/in-person session for Peak coached athletes)

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