Group training packages are offered for select races throughout the year which are located in the Methow Valley, WA. Joining the training groups are a fun and budget friendly way to receive coaching for these specific events while meeting fellow athletes, finding motivation and camaraderie through training with a group, receiving a race specific training plan to follow, and having the benefits of accountability and communication with your coach. All group training plans utilize TrainingPeaks; the most advanced training software available online.

Cutthroat Classic 10.6 miler

June 24 - September 15, 2019

$175 for 12 weeks

  • 12-week race-specific training plan

  • Weekly coach-led group runs in the Methow Valley area (x10 runs total)

  • Daily feedback from your coach on completed work-outs

  • Weekly group email

  • Access to one-on-one email communication with your coach for additional support

  • Resources and tips on running/training related topics

Sunflower Half-Marathon

February 25 - May 5, 2019


  • 10-week race specific training plan

  • Weekly group runs in the Methow Valley area

  • Daily feedback on completed work outs from your coach

  • Weekly group email with tips and resources for running and training

  • Access to one-on-one email communication with your coach




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Different coaching and training styles work best for different goals and lifestyles. We would love to talk with you about the options that Valley to Peak offers in order to provide you with the best fit and experience. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly!