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Hi, I'm Bri, and thank you for visiting my site! As the owner and sole coach at Valley to Peak Endurance, my biggest passion is helping runners of all abilities and levels find joy, passion, ease and sustainability in running. I believe that, with focused work and the right training, the sport of running can be enjoyed pain-free, injury-free, and for a lifetime! Here at Valley to Peak Endurance, I specialize in coaching and training plans for trail, mountain, and ultra-running ranging from 50k-200+ miles, but also have experience in coaching beginner runners to develop the tools necessary to increase distance and consistency while mitigating the risk of overtraining and injury. Whether you are looking to be a consistent runner for the first time, train for your first ultra-marathon or a new distance, transition to more technical mountain running, PR a specific race or distance, see how far your body and mind can take you in a 100 or even 200 mile race, or any other specific goal you have in mind, Valley to Peak Endurance can help you in your training. I am a dream chaser myself, and I believe that anything is possible if you put in the work and believe in yourself. Let's accomplish your dreams together!


“You could not ask for a better coach than Brianna. Her insightfulness, know-how, and encouragement is the perfect combination to keep your training on the rails and reach your goals. After years of battling injury, Brianna put just the right training tools together to get me back running in the mountains. I was certain I would never run 20+ miles again…and now I can!”


Perri, client since 2017

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Different coaching and training styles work best for different goals and lifestyles. We would love to talk with you about the options that Valley to Peak offers in order to provide you with the best fit and experience. Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly!

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